As Far As The Eye Can See.



Cast of As Far As The Eye Can See

It’s with a great deal of excitement that I share the outstanding cast for my first feature As Far As The Eye Can See.

Jason London (Dazed and Confused), Danny Mora (McFarland, USA), Annalee Jefferies (Hellion), Jenni Tooley (Boyhood), Jasmine Skloss Harrison, Holt Boggs, Judi Christian, Larry Jack Dotson, William Akey, Walt Roberts, Doyle Carlton Carter, Drew Pollock, Brady Coleman, Chris Carpenter, Kenneth Wayne Bradley, Tim Mateer

Coach Shout-Out!

Mark Oristano – actor/photographer/sportscaster/friend/all around good dude - said some kind words about The Coach recently on Theatre Jones – a website for the theatre arts in the DFW metroplex.  He’s talking sports.  He’s talking theatre.  Give ‘er a read at

 Thanks, Mark!


AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE – continued…

Don’t get left behind!  Stay updated on the going’s on for the upcoming feature, As Far As The Eye Can See.  Info about myself, the director David Franklin, inspirations for our film, still shots and much more.  The train’s leaving the station.  Get on board!  It’s all at


The Facebook page for the feature film As Far As The Eye Can See is up!  Principal photography begins June 8th, 2015.  Stay connected and informed at

New Play

It’s an honor to have my new play, tumbleweeds, receive a reading from The Drawing Board.  Reading goes down on March 24th.  The Drawing Board’s info is here:  Check it out!

Coach! Minneapolis! Ward!

The Play About The Coach will be performed by THOMAS WARD in Minneapolis beginning Friday, March 14th. History in the making! If you are in Minneapolis or know somebody in Minneapolis, kindly help getting the word out.  Info:

The Bologna Warrior

Shot the short film, The Bologna Warrior, this weekend with the incomparable Tom Dimenna.  Clips coming soon!

The Coach Has A Face For Radio!

My radio interview with Paul Varga.  We’re talking Coach!  Give it a listen…

Coach! Placid! They’re Talking!