"Do you consider yourself an actor first or a writer first?" This was the question posed to the subject of this site on the heels of his first (award winning) self written piece, in the midst of his second - not to mention the success of his Year End Letters. With no hesitation the subject stated that he felt like an actor first and a fraud second. Moments later he wondered; what the hell's the difference?

The subject of this site still wishes he could unearth a copy of George C Scott's rejection letter to the Academy, still would like to punch anybody who dare utter "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em" and is still whipped into a frenzy by the solo pieces of playwright Daniel Macivor. He would have loved to fetch coffee for the Kennedy administration during the famed 13 days. If given the chance to dine with any three people (dead or alive), he would break bread with Jim Jones of the People's Temple and forfeit the other two. He shed a tear on the day Warren Zevon died and finds it a high crime that Warren can't compose from the other side of the grave.

The subject was born in Lake Charles, LA and raised in Texas. He works feverishly trying to lessen the impact of sports in his life, but keeps a wary eye on the Steelers, Mavericks and the play of Andy Roddick. He is an avid reader but shies from fiction. Schopenhauer will be his philosopher of choice.

He is founder and artistic director of the New York theatre company, Rocketship Productions. Rocketship is a not-for-profit 501c3. It enjoyed a brief heyday between the years of 2003-06. It is now home to the subject's many one man show ideas. The mission is simple - to create. Create. Create. Create. The clock is ticking and death's door is waiting. The Play About The Coach is prepped and ready, Losing Sight is in rehearsals and his first screenplay, The Escape is in pre production.

Returning to the subject of death, he demands that he be cremated. Upon cremation he expects his ashes to be dispersed by friends and loved ones nation wide...Lake Charles LA - Beckett MA - Cornell St/Abilene TX - the Upper Peninsula...remaining locations TBD.

He still might like to own a place someday and while Maine remains a possibility, Cape Breton and the Outer Banks are now in the running. He currently resides in Brooklyn, NY.