Paden is a fifth generation Texan, born in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Following the well-worn Texas adage of - I wasn't born here, but I got here as quick as I could - Paden's family dutifully moved back to their home state when Paden was the age of 2. Following this same logic, Paden was not born a Warren Zevon fan, but he got there as quick as he could. In fact, he went as far as to have a dream where he was to direct an operatic version of Zevon's The French Inhaler in Germany. Small plates were served. Bob Newhart made a cameo. The results were deadly.

Paden is trained as an actor and has the required union status to show for it. While a whopping 11% of the work force in this country are union, Paden pays dues each year to 2 (count 'em) - 2 - different unions. His acting work has been seen in the Off-Broadway world and all through the country on both stage and screen. His voice has been heard in all fifty states. His acting influences include Robert Duvall. He initially began writing in hopes of giving himself more opportunities to perform. Then he begin writing just to write. The Play About The Coach has toured extensively. Dark at the End of the Tunnel played on Theatre ROW. His first screenplay, As Far As The Eye Can See, shoots in the summer of '15. L, a new play, is in development. His writing influences are Daniel MacIvor, Sam Shepard, Horton Foote and Conor McPherson. But he doesn't just read men. He's enjoyed books by Joan Didion, Rebecca Solnit and Alexandra Fuller as well.

Paden lives up to his birth sign as a Libra. He contemplates everything, is vain and seemingly at constant contradiction. At the same time, he spends almost no time considering his sign or the implications of it. If you're ever stuck in an elevator with Paden (perish the thought) and need to make conversation, here are a few topics that will engage him: Jim Jones and The People's Temple, presidential history, the Dallas Mavericks, Texas country music, George C Scott's rejection letter to the Academy, tennis, jazz and Peter Brook's The Empty Space.

Paden is a luddite, spends almost no money on possessions, but enjoys traveling. He's enjoyed many spots in New England, Europe, Puerto Rico and the cities of Chicago and New Orleans. He especially loves Nova Scotia. He plans on being cremated upon his death. He will have his ashes spread in numerous places across the globe - most in North America. Stay tuned for your assignments.